Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hello, hello

Having been bullied into setting up a general blog all about my tedious life and the eclectic stuffage that I'm into by Jonathan (I Heart Pencils) and Louise (Felt Mistress), it's slightly unfortunate that I'm off to London for a few days from tomorrow and won't be able to add to it for a few days.

But not to worry, I hardly ever go to London and I'm visiting te V&A, Tate Britain and the National Gallery - at least that's the plan - so I should have some stuff to gush on about on my return (including the horrors of railway stations and the Tube, for I am a truly shit traveller).

Providing I manage to drop a blog once a day thereafter, I guess it'll generally reflect my suprious interests in ghosts, monsters, folklore, antiquities, Dr Who, Hammer Horror, golden age Sc-fi movies and the general frustrations of being a non-writing writer with permanent writer's block. I'm hoping it'll inspire me to magic up some small bits of creative things that I can post as well (and no doubt I'll post stuff by other vastly more talented people, too).

So, er, much to look forward to - on Thursday, probably.

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  1. I thought I'd left a comment earlier but I mustn't have posted it. D'oh! Anyway, thanks for the links (I've reciprocated) and glad to see your blog up and running so quickly. Enjoy London.