Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hawkwind vinyl and amazing packaging

Hawkwind are one of my favourite bands and were pioneers in the art of crazy packaging during the 1970s. Top we have 1971's 'In Search of Space' which folds out into a totem pole shape, together with its 'spaceship log-book'. Then we have the mighty Space Ritual double live LP from 1973, which folds out and folds out and folds out! One day I'll get 'Warrior on the Edge of Time' in its original packaging, too. I bought my copy as part of a spending spree as soon as I arrived in Leicester University in 1982 with my first grant cheque - imagine my horror when I discovered it had a crap single sleeve and didn't fold out into anything. I knew nothing then of reissues and the like, naive youth that I was. Bah! The annoyance lives with me still.


  1. Great stuff! Keep them coming Rich!

  2. It's a Hawk, not a totem pole !!! :(

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