Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spacemen 3 Vinyl

Mainly to be of interest (I hope) to Jim aka Spaceships Over Deeside, here are the Spacemen 3 -related bits of vinyl in my collection. Top we have one of the last new LPs I bought, having already switched over to CD some time ago - but how could I resist it? Sonic Boom's first 'solo' album, 'Spectrum' with its fabulous gatefold packaging complete with two mindbending swirly discs. I'd already bought the last Spaceman 3 album, 'Recurring' on CD and nearly bought this on CD when I saw it on holiday somewhere. Thank God I didn't. Imagine missing out on this great production.

I'm fairly sure I bought the 'Hypnotized' 12" secondhand. Some - maybe all - copies came with a poster, I believe. If so, not mine alas. I also bought 'Playing With Fire' secondhand - you can see the £3.75 sticker on it. It's a bit grubby round the white edges but fortunately, it is the first issue, with the embossed sleeve. 'Sound of Confusion' is a Fire reissue with basic packaging. I've never seen the rare original Glass issue. It may have come with a printed inner sleeve; the Refire pressing didn't.

Finally, what has turned out to be a real gem: the Genius reisssue of 'The Perfect Prescription' in 'purple' vinyl (it's more of a lavendar colour - but with lovely swirly inclusions). I think I already had it on CD, but couldn't resist this when I saw it in a shop somewhere. I don't remember how much it cost me: considrably less than a tenner, I'm sure, or I wouldn't have bought it.


  1. Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Seriously seriously jealous! Wow that Hypnotized looks amazing, in my top 3 favourite Spacemen 3 tracks I think! The inner sleeve of the Spectrum lp is just pure pure class.

  2. I did photograph the inner sleeve, with all the toys on it, but the sun flared it out, so I didn't bother posting it.