Friday, 25 June 2010

Found Friday

Clearing out loads of crap from my house I rediscovered this novelty. One year, in the little run-down cottage I used to live in, I got a mouse infestation. The buggers would eat - or try to eat - anything, including the plastic top of a shampoo bottle, and you could hear them gnawing away all night at the sealant under the shower, a particular delicacy as far as they were concerned. One item did defeat them, though.

One morning I found that a traveling washbag I kept in the bathroom had been raided. Removed from it was this Durex that I had optimistically stashed there before a previous holiday. As you can see, the packet has been neatly gnawed into. The condom itself had been extracted like an After Eight mint and placed alongside it. You can imagine the mouse going 'ptui!' before moving onto the far tastier shampoo bottle instead.
I'll always keep it cos it makes me chuckle.

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