Sunday, 6 June 2010

Spooky Sunday

Here's a sneak peak of an article that will be going in issue 50 of Paranormal magazine. Richard Freeman, of the Centre for Fortean Zoology, is interested in ghosts as well as strange creatures and has written a piece on bizarre ghosts he's come across through reading up on the subject. I'm goint to get a couple of other writers to do the same because it's a fun idea. I've also asked Jonathan Edwards to illustrate them, because I knew he'd come up with some stylish, fun imagery. This is his illustration for the following brief story from Richard's article:

"During a poltergeist outbreak in Kilakee, Ireland, in the 1960s, furniture exploded, pools of glue manifested themselves and the house in question was invaded by a swarm of phantom hats. The hats seemed to come from all ages and styles, including Victorian top hats and bonnets as well as modern hats. The swarm of hats vanished as quickly as it had come and no explanation for them was ever found."

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