Saturday, 5 June 2010

Saturday Matinee

The Flaming Teen-age, also known as Hooked!, from 1956. There's a whole subculture of these shock-horror-expose movies, most of which seem to be entirely salacious, with fake disapproval providing the excuse for a bit of soft porn. Not so, this strange offering, according to a reviewer on IMDB (somebody who's actually seen it!). He writes:
"The Flaming Teen-Age is a standard slice of conservative moralizing, a scare film about the evils of the world backed by the church."
Quite right, too - look at the wild craziness going on in the bottom right for example. Depravity! I can see her ankles, for chrissakes! The reviewer, who also adds the interesting detail that it was directed by the guy who later made The Blob (and apparently wasn't enjoying the job very much), outlines the plot as follows:
"It details a young man who forsakes his family for the big city, quits his job at a candy store, moves to the city to find his dreams, becomes an alcoholic, quits, produces a Broadway revue, becomes an alcoholic again, joins a booking agency, nearly dies from alcohol poisoning, gets arrested for dope peddling, gets out on bail, and becomes a junkie himself. All this is because he drank a bit of alcohol at a party he once attended with his girlfriend. Whew!"

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