Monday, 5 July 2010

Monstrous Monday

Been working on an article about the bestest or worstest (depending on your point of view) monster of them all - the Devil. An expert on witchcraft and the like, Dr Leo Ruickbie, has written a two-part article on the history of the Devil for Paranormal Magazine. Excuse for me to scan some devilish imagery. Here's a couple of the old tempter at work: whispering into the ear of the Antichrist (detail from the famous Orvieto fresco by Signorelli, 1499-1504); acting rather like a second-hand car salesman in a 15th century Flemish 'Temptation of Christ'; and having a cosy 'Why not? You might as well' type chat with a peasant in a 13th century Bible.

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