Thursday, 2 September 2010

Found Friday

Had a bit of a rummage among my old photos for this lot. They're part of a sequence of snaps that were supposed to tell some sort of spy story dreamt up by me, aged about 8, and taken in the early 70s. In the top one I'm a scientist who's been done in - see there's my microscope and something with valves stuck in it. I'm sure my eyes are open to add extra realism, not otherwise. And yes, that really is an original 1960s Dalek toy peeping into view on the windowsill (you'll need to click on the photo to see all the exciting details, obviously).

Just round the corner from our house (in Compton, Berkshire) there was a little electricty substation or something and it had a sign on it which read 'DANGER'. In red writing! So that had to appear, too. I'm looking quite intense about it.

Finally me and my brother Stuart have a thrilling and highly convincing scrap. Look, the little bugger's punching me in the throat. Nasty stuff. Someone ought to have stopped us. No one took the photo for us, either - on the back in wobbly biro it says 'Taken on timer', just to prove what an auteur I was.

Personally, I'm also pretty impressed with my look. Dee Dee Ramone haircut matched with Graham Coxon-style geek jumper and stripy shirt. Not so sure about the jumbo cords, though - bit of a nod towards Jethro Tull maybe.

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