Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mr Charles Chaplin behind the camera

For no particular reason, except to go with the film theme, here's Charlie Chaplin directing one of his movies, taken from an article called something like 'A Day with Charlie Chaplin' from the April 1929 edition of The Strand. The first six months of 1929 had more interesting non-fiction features packed into them than the rest of the decade put together. Chaplin's star was already on the wane, although he was still one of the highest paid people in Hollywood - and the growth of the talkies didn't help. Interesting to read about a megastar's life back then. He was just as precious and difficult as megastars today, one gathers.

The highlight of the article was when some bloke approaches him on set, stares at him, and before being thrown off, says: 'That's not him!' The assumption is that he is some sort of looney stalker. While The Strand journalist is with Chaplin in a restaurant in the evening the same guy approaches.What will happen? But he apologises. He says he hasn't seen his son in years and someone told him he'd gone to Hollywood and changed his name to Charlie Chaplin! Bizarre.

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