Friday, 1 October 2010

Found Friday

I'm enjoying this rummaging around for Found Fridays. Such is the joy of being a hoarder (as Genghis Khan used to say). This is the opening page of an exercise book I scribbled in when I was about 12. On the right is the start of yet another Dr Who story: 'Doctor Who and the Ultimatum Project' (note the Target paperback convention of writing a title). If I remember correctly the story was to develop with the Ice Warriors teaming up with the Cybermen and getting themselves cyborged-up. They'd have been unssssstoppable!

I have no idea what the stuff on the left is. There's some geezer zipping about in a futuristic flying car thing and a list of handy gizmos, I guess to have on board, just in case you encountered hostile aliens or whatever. I'd like to know what a 'point finder television' is. A TV with a remote control (pretty high-tech in 1976, but surely too prosaic)? I suspect it was intended as some kind of sat-nav, something to show you at what point on Earth or in space you were.

I really ought to have become a writer.

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