Friday, 8 October 2010

Found Friday

It's amazing the crap I keep. Here is some nostalgia for the Johnson brothers, the programme for the 1988 'Let's Make a Film Festival' for schools. Notice it's subtitles 'including films made on video' - how that dates it. Treats to look forward to on the day would have included 'Consequences', in which 'A young girl catches AIDS from her homosexual boyfriend, the disease proving fatal leaving him grieving' (oh boy) and 'An coount of an experiment to determine levels of phyto- and zoo plankton of the Redcar coast' (bring your popcorn).

First up, though, was an animated video called 'Chess' made by chaps from the Alun School, Mold. Leaning on the TV wearing a Primitives T-shirt and with his face painted (I don't know why) is Dan Johnson, who now runs his own graphic design and screenprinting business and whose 40th birthday I went to a couple of weekends ago. He's just had a poster accepted by the Victoria and Albert Museum for their collection. To his right is his brother Matt, who now teaches illustration at a university on the South Coast; and seated far right is Jonny Duddle, who is now a book illustrator. Talented bastards. The rest I don't know.


  1. Dan had his face painted because it was the very first Red Nose Day! Which meant it was a non-uniform day if we gave a pound to Comic Relief.

    The two fellas to the right were the 'professional animators' who taught us to use the equipment, and the younger lad in the foreground is Matt Kirkby, who is now an award winning promo and short film director. I think we were a bit mean to him.... :)

  2. And I menat to say, 'Thanks' for posting the pictures! I've not seen them since 1988!

  3. Thanks for the input Jonny - sorry I've only just seen these comments.