Thursday, 28 October 2010

Wordy Thursday - 'Intact'

When I posted my vilanelle a couple of weeks ago I said it was the first poem I'd written since the sixth form. I'd completely forgotten about 'Intact' - a short piece of doggerel that popped unbidden into my head one Friday morning in 2004 while I was making my breakfast before going to work at the Wrexham Mail. I was so pleased as well as surprised by it that I stuck it on my wall in my old house (I don't usually do that sort of thing). Bearing in mind the current situation re Paranormal Magazine, the first four lines both cheer and amuse me.

I will die in poverty
With my pride intact:

Always resigned
Often sacked;

My pen will invent
What my memory lacks,

A friend of fiction
A foe to facts;

And if I should die
Of a heart attack

It shall be through sex
And not by snacks;

For though I may be too old
To join the Brat Pack,
Still they will come
To share my shack.

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