Friday, 21 May 2010

Found Friday

Before Austin Powers there was Simon Creem - Ostentatious Agent. Another creation of Jonathan Edwards, who kindly let me have a go at writing a script for him. I think our hope was for it to appear in Deadline magazine, but it suddenly stopped publishing. I'd forgotten all about it myself until I found it again when unearthing the (perhaps more successful) Dandies strip. The Mr Benn reference is obvious, of course, but the other shop's name was taken from a song by Vivian Stanshall, in which he refers to buying joss-sticks and a tie-dye poncho from 'Modern Poove of Carnaby Street'.
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  1. Ha! I missed this. I think this is from 1993. Once again, sheesh!

  2. He appeared in Tank Girl magazine eventually in 2 strips written by me. He was also the first character of mine to be made by Louise years before she started working under the name Felt Mistress.