Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Weird Wednesday

Time for some more Sidney Sime and not one, not two, but three. The top one is an illustration to one of Lord Dunsany's books, The Gods of Pegana. It looks like a psychedelic poster from the late 60s, but it was actually drawn in 1905. The one below is also for a Dunsany, this time The King of Elfland's Daughter. It's not the best reproduction (nor the best scan) but it shows the layering effect, with detailed foregrounds and fuzzy cosmic backgrounds that are a trademark of Virgil Finlay's work (see last week). If Finlay wasn't a big fan of Sime's I'll eat my Strands.

Those two come from the only book I can find on Sime (Sidney Sime: Master of the Mysterious by Simon Henege and Henry ford, published in 1980), which is unfortunately printed on soft, grainy paper. The final intensely eerie image is one I found in a 1901 copy of Pall Mall Magazine. Sime contributed a lot to Pall Mall and I keep hoping to find more. It illustrates an obscure yarn about a cursed family. This is heaven for me, the reason I keep spending moolah on these Victorian/Edwardian magazines - an obscure macabre tale illustrated by a superb artist. Fab.

Don't forget to click on the pic if you want to see it in its fuller glory.

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