Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wordy Thursday - Day Release

I've got lots of bits of writing which I started and never continued. The following is all I managed of an attempt at a stream-of-consciousness type piece based on a person who doesn't see the world quite like the rest of us. Don't know where it would have gone, so perhaps that's why I didn't carry on with it. Pieces like this could equally serve for Found Fridays, since I rarely remember them till I happen to rummage around in folders and come across them again.


Michael is bored because I want to keep on walking. But Michael will always do what I want to do on days like this. We keep walking

The street is busy still. People flow like water round us. I am like a pebble and they rush past me. They are rapid. I am stone.

We are approaching a zebra crossing. There is always a zebra crossing. Whenever you buy something there is a zebra crossing on it. I think it must be the same with towns. Somewhere there is a big pen that comes down from the sky, a big pen with a light on it. The pen comes down onto a zebra crossing and then goes from left to right – beep! The zebras are there in case Great Britain is ever at war with a foreign country. If the foreigners win they will be able to know what they’ve got. They can go beep on every crossing and tick off the towns they’ve won.

Of course it might be aliens. The light on the pen would look like a UFO, wouldn’t it? Perhaps the aliens already own us. Beep!

We pass the zebra crossing. Beyond it there is a church, all pointy. Maybe that is where they keep the big light pen: in the pointy bit. I do not like churches. Churches are for quiet. You go in a church, you must be quiet. Unless it is singing on a Sunday. The quiet makes me want to shout. And dance. And be. Loud.

I get angry in churches so churches are banned. They are holy, holy places: supernatural; spirits and ghosts. They are cold. Some churches have monsters on them that stare down at you. Ugly and angry; cold and stone. They are always on the outside of the churches – they aren’t allowed in either. Which is fair enough...

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