Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Falltar

Been away for a few days to stay with a few old - if they'll pardon the expression - friends, including Steve and Louise, who still live in Leicester, where we all went to uni. Louise, who is originally from Chorley (and saw lots of Joy Division as well as New Order's first ever gig) is a big Fall fan. Steve told me she had an 'altar' dedicated to the band in their bedroom. I immediately christened it 'the Falltar' and was determined to photograph it, for Jim's sake, mainly. There's a lot of rare stuff there, most of which Lou bought as it was coming out. I have fond memories of the Fiery Jack single you can see peeping out, which we used to play over and over. (Crikey, I'm not even 'forty-fiiiii-iiiive' any more!).

Incidentally, if you happen to read this, Jim, Ste and Lou say you're welcome to stay with them if you want to go down to Leicester for the free Fall gig in the Park in a couple of weekends time!


  1. Wow that's ace!!!! Absolutley stunning!

  2. That's brilliant-ah! (Said in best Mark E Smith voice!)