Monday, 30 August 2010

Monstrous Monday

Noticing volume 16 of Pearson's Magazine was being offered on eBay, I immediately put a bid in for it and then moved on to volume 17, which had been sitting there for a while on a Buy-it-Now-or-Best-Offer job, so asked for a bit off it and got that, too. There were still a few days to go on 16 (I won it last night for £20), so 17 turned up first. After tearing the packaging apart in a frenzy - as I always do when one of these bound volumes arrives in the post - I opened it randomly, and what do I see? This! A bloke being chased by a horde of gigantic rats! Oh god, I love this stuff. Turned out to be an instalment of Food of the Gods by H G Wells. The serialisation begins in vol 16, and ends in 17, so I shall look forward to reading it in its original parts (I seem to remember starting it as a kid of about 12 but giving up on it).

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