Sunday, 29 August 2010

Two more Twenties ads

To make up for my posting lapse here are a couple of colourful ads from 1928 editions of the Strand Magazine. Through the summer months in the Twenties Bird's seemed to always take the back page spot, with Bovril taking it over in the autumn and winter (but not necessarily the prime Christmas position, which as likely as not would be had by the now-defunct Super-Kreem Toffees). These two appeared in September and November. What amuses me about the Bird's advert is that I'm willing to bet the 'Cheerio! Jolly old etc' tagline was just as naff to the youngsters it was aimed at as any attempted youth-speak by corporate advertisers is today. 'Oh crikey, mummy, simply nobody says "Cheerio" these days, that's so 1926,' you can almsot hear the young deb say. 'Dude, I mean, totally.' Well, maybe not that.

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