Friday, 20 August 2010

Found Friday

I love this post card. It's copyrighted 1997, from the days when Who was still off the air and waiting to be reinvented. I went to a Dr Who convention in Chester about that time with my BBC chum Alan (we got in free, hurrah!), so I'm guessing I picked it up then. On the reverse it says 'Monoliths - No. 8 in a series of 12' and is copyrighted to IB Productions. I had a couple of others, one of the Tardis in a snowy landscape, the other also surrounded by standing stones, but as an aerial photo. I imagine they are knocking about the house somewhere, too, gathering a fine layer of dust just like this one. I assume they're clever Photoshopped-type affairs; I can't imagine they had a full-scale model Tardis to drag about - jolly clever though, eh? I'm fairly sure this is the Ring of Brodgar on Orkney, but there's no information about the locality on the card.


  1. Its the Callanish stones on the Isle of Lewis.

  2. Actually they DID have a full-size TARDIS to lug about, I met one of the guys responsible & he told me he'd got a few bruises assembling it! I've still got the full set of the posters they did...