Thursday, 12 August 2010

Weird Wednesday

A tad late but it's deadline week, so there. I've just used this somewhat tacky pic in the second part of the history of the Devil article by Dr Leo Ruickbie, which will appear in Paranormal Mag issue 52. It looks like it was drawn in the 1970s or something but in fact dates from 1911. It is by Martin van Maele, one of several illustrations to La Sorciere by Jules Michelet. I can find only one book of Van Maele's artworks generally available, and that for £30 second-hand. I'm familiar with the artist's erotic art, because it appeared in Taschen's bawdy magnum opus Erotica Universalis, so I'm hoping The Satyrical Drawings Of... will feature a wider selection, including more from La Sorciere (although it looks like all his stuff is fairly saucy).

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