Sunday, 29 August 2010

Spooky Matinee

OK, this is shameful, isn't it? I seem to be having a bit of a wank holiday weekend, doing sod all so have shamelessly combined Saturday Matinee with Spooky Sunday with a couple of daft B-movie ghosts. From now on if I miss a day, I'll just miss a day and stop maing lame apologies for it. Anyway, here is Terror in the Haunted House (1961) also known - I learn from IMDB - as My World Dies Screaming. Oh and look, it's made in 'Psycho-Rama' (what a great name for a band!), which apparently meant they shoved in odd frames of scary imagery, like a bloke with a rat in his mouth, and messages like 'Scream Now!'. All very William Castle, but not.

Then we have Lucky Ghost (1942), later renamed Lady Luck and featuring the extraordinary Mantan Moreland and an 'all-colored cast'. I'd like to see more of Morland. I saw him in another cheap horror-comedy flick from the same period called I think King of the Zombies; he gets third billing, effortlessly steals every scene he's in and takes the piss out of the white 'stars' in a way I wouldn't have thought possible in the 40s. He was a bit of a geezer, I thought, and I'd like to learn more about him. I must see if there's a biography.

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