Saturday, 17 April 2010

Amy's crack

OK, now I get it. The whole crack in space/time theme in the latest Dr Who series means that Moffatt will be able to effectively restart the storylines - sidestepping the nonsense of Dalek and Cyberman invasions etc supposedly happening in contemporary Britain - ie to us. Amy's forgotten the 'Stolen Earth' stuff, just as you and I never saw it happen either.

I wonder if the ridiculous sight of a Cyberman 'Iron Giant' stomping on Dickensian London was the final straw for Moffatt. It was for me. Notice how in Victory of the Daleks nothing happened the could have been witnessed as alien activity by the populace.

Mark Gattis did really real with his 40-odd minutes (I thought it was going to be a preposterous yarn but it wasn't). Loved all the Power of the Daleks bits, particularly carrying the box file and the sinister, grated out 'WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TEA?' Great fun. And Matt Smith continues to impress.

However, as my BBC chum Alan pointed out - and this is important, right - that wasn't an actual, legit Jammy Dodger he was holding up there because it had a circular instead of a heart-shaped centre (see above). That makes it a cheap 'Jam Ring' imposter, apparently, which Alan thinks may have allowed the Beeb to get round advertising bans. Or maybe they just didn't know the difference. Or indeed didn't care. Tch!

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