Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Who restart

Following on from my wild speculation re Amy's crack (ahem!), I suddenly had a sort of revelation re the mysterious ID tag on Amy's boyfriend's uniform in The 11th Hour. We saw an unnecessary close-up of it and for reasons that have had many of us pondering, it was dated 1990.

Can't help wondering whether this is another coded reference to the 'restart' hypothesis I posited. Steven Moffat likes to refer to this season as Season 1, not 5 or 35 or whatever it actually is (I forget). So suddenly, while I was doing the washing up (yes, actually doing the washing up - a surprise in itself), the image of that ID tag popped in my head and I thought, hang on, what year was Dr Who taken off the air? It was 1989, wasn't it? Final season, ending with Survival?

So, is Moffatt hinting here that this series is set immediately after, with no break - no hopeless special starring Paul McGann, no Russell T Davies revival with all the muddles he's brought to it. Is Matt Smith the EIGHTH Doctor in his mind - even if he can't be in actuality? A curious thought, but 1990 does have significance - it was the first year without Who on the air since 1963.

I feel at this point that I should point out that I find the word 'geek' really offensive. (And I really should stop writing about Dr Who!)

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  1. Of course - before it's pointed out - I realise nobody had camera-phones in 1990. I didn't really mean to suggest the Doctor had actually travelled back to 1990, just that this might be a kind of in-joke of Steven Moffatt's.