Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tuneful Tuesday

Like many people, it would seem, I was rather dismayed by the strangely lacklustre new version of the Dr Who theme - although considering how fab everything else was, it seems churlish to complain. Now I've watched the episoide again (ahem!) I find I don't dislike it as much as I did on first listen but my friend Alan Daulby discovered the attached version on YouTube in which the missing dum-de-dums have been subtly reinstated.

Much better in my opinion (but hey, I'm the kind of guy who still writes 'Dr' Who), although I note that the chap who has done the mix, JamesPotter76, is perfectly happy with the new theme. I rather like the fact that he's rendered the title sequence in black-and-white, too. I'd still rather have a scary theme, though. There was something unnerving about the grinding bass lines and the spooky whoo-hoos over the top of it. Imagine watching the first episode of Web of Fear or an episode of Seeds of Doom with one of the new themes. Pah!

Still, at least it's an improvement on the previous closing titles version with its 'Hello Dolly' strings and fills, or the tinny Davison period theme.

This is very sad, isn't it? I'm in danger of becoming a Whocumudgeon, or as Russell T Davies offensively described fans who didn't like him - a 'ming-mong'.

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  1. sounds identical to me