Friday, 9 April 2010

Found Friday

Here is another page out of that notebook which had doodles by Darryl Cunningham and Rich Holden dating from 1994. This one was doodled on the same night by Jonathan Edwards and features the suave Dominique Antrobus, who clearly shares some pen-and-ink DNA with a certain Mr Gainsbourg.

To view (rather more finished) examples of Jonathan's work, visit: Also take a look at Jonathan's side project:

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  1. Ha! That's crazy. I COULD draw better than that in 1994. The shaky line was obviously the result of unusual atmospheric conditions (probably the dreaded "Races Day" in Jones' Winebar (RIP)). He was based on Serge but at that time I only knew 2 or 3 songs and no biographical details. His cubist face and weird charm must have intrigued me. 16 years ago!! Sheesh.