Saturday, 10 April 2010

Time Lords came first

OK, Who geek alert here: so move on please, nothing to see here unless you too have Whophile tendencies.

Interesting line in tonight's 'Beast Below' episode. When Amy points out the Doctor looks human, he says something like: 'No you look like me. Time Lords came first.'

Now I had this idea yonks ago that the reason the Time Lords are so adamant about non-involvement is that when Rassilon first opened the time vortex and saw all-creation-at-once he went a bit mad (as we know) and in a fit of unparalelled egomania decided to make all creation in his own, ie the Gallifreyan, image. In other words he seeded every life-supporting planet so that it would evolve Gallifreyans, or near as dammit. The other Gallifreyans stopped him but he'd already managed to interfere with the evolution of life on many, many worlds.

And that is why there are so many humanoid (or Gallifreyan-type) races in the universe: Thals, Movellans, Peladonians etc etc. And in addition loads more that are broadly humanoid: two legs, two arms, a head etc etc. A great way to excuse cheap science fiction, of course, but also the reason why the Gallifreyans set themselves up as Time Lords and made themselves guardians of this appalling technology they'd created: they'd already fucked up big style once and they weren't going to let it happen again.

God didn't make us in His own image: bloody Rassilon did.
Has Steven Moffat had the same idea? How exciting that would be (for me, I mean, not for anyone else). Of course, it's also possible this is an old idea and I'm just remembering it from somewhere, in which case I shall do the honourable thing and blush.

But enough of that. Here is a cute picture of the 11th Doctor by Alejandra Gamgeek, whose thoroughly enjoyable blog I've just discovered. Have a good scroll down and find adorable versions of previous Doctors, the Brigadier, Sam Tyler & Gene Hunt and loads of others at: (or follow link top right).

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  1. We came from Gallifreyans... sounds great!

    Thanks for the mention and for the link!