Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Me and Nick Pope

On March 25 a fundraising event was held in my home town of Mold for a little boy called Harley Noble who has a rare and severe form of cerebral palsy. Fundraiser Gill Henry invited UFO expert Nick Pope to give a talk in Mold to help find the money to make necessary improvements to Harley's parent's house. Nick came all the way up from London to do so and gave a fascinating talk on how ufology is at last gaining some acceptability with mainstream science, despite the recent closure of the MoD's UFO desk (which of course Nick used to run).

I was kindly asked along, too, and was given the honour of introducing the speaker. It's the first time I've met Nick Pope and a very pleasant and unassuming fellow he turned out to be, although one with an undeniably shrewd intelligence. He's promised to write for Paranormal Magazine soon. Considering how busy Nick is - he was off to conferences in the USA and Mexico, and elsewhere if I remember correctly the day after his appearance in Mold - his helping out with the Harley Noble campaign was a really generous use of his time.

To read more about Nick Pope visit http://www.nickpope.net/ To learn more about the Harley Noble campaign email gill.henry19@yahoo.com

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