Friday, 2 April 2010

New Sherlock Holmes Serial!

Just thought I'd shove this up. It's one of the Strand Magazines I bought for more-than-was-sensible last year, one of the 'loose' copies that hasn't been bound up into volumes like the majority. This is such a corker I leave lying on top of one of the piles to help convince me it was money well spent. It's the September, 1914, edition featuring the opening instalments of the last of the long Holmes stories, The Valley of Fear. Lovely to see Holmes, in colour, on the front.

Alas I can't reproduce the full-page colour illustration from which it's taken without squashing the mag on the scanner, but it's one of the iconic Holmes images and helps make this particular copy one of the most sought-after Strands. It's not in perfect nick - it's missing its back cover and is a bit scuffed round the edges, but it's not bad. Individual issues from this period don't survive well.

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