Monday, 5 April 2010

Monstrous Monday

Here are two chums enjoying their bank holiday weekend. On the left is a particularly funky example of a Kaiju made for me by Felt Mistress ( and on the right a leprechaun (at least I think he's a leprechaun) made by a company called Scrushkins which I bought at a car boot sale. The leprechaun's quite horrible really and you can stick your hand in the back like a glove puppet and waggle his tongue and make his eyes bulge out. I think the pair of them make a lovely couple.


  1. I love that Leprachaun thing. It's a Doctor Who monster in the waiting.

  2. That's a truly terrifying Leprachaun. I hope he hasn't lead Kaiju astray with his Guinness and his Lucky Charms.