Friday, 30 April 2010

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Paranormal Magazine issue 48, on sale now.

The cover story's particularly good. It's written by Dr George Stuart, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at St John University, York - but it's not by any means biased towards psychological explanations for 'What is a Ghost?' On the contrary, Dr Stuart looks at many angles, including an intriguing idea of his own that apparitions are composed of light waves with unusual properties. I also asked half a dozen of my regular writers, like Nick Redfern, Mark Greener and parasycholgist Dr Matt Smith (no, not THAT Matt Smith Doctor), for their opinions.

The 'Doing Deals with Demons' article is another good one, a down-to-earth and entirely convincing illustration by a practising occultist on what can happen when you start dabbling with magical texts. Never mind whether demons are objectively real, the writer argues - weird and scary shit happens nonetheless.

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