Saturday, 10 April 2010

Punk vids

Dragged down to the record fair in Mold today by Robin, rather against my will because the last time I went - the first record fair I'd been to in years - I went a bit nuts. I bought Julian Cope's first two singles for £15 each (later discovering I could have got them for about £4 on eBay) and managed to buy the wrong DVD compilation I was after. I vowed never to go again!

Oh well. This time I bought nowt but DVDs - dodgy ones, of course. There's a Jethro Tull gig from 1976, bits of which the seller played and it does look very good indeed. The others are double packs of punk stuff taken off the telly, mainly Top of the Pops. I recorded loads of material like this off UK Gold some years ago but God knows when I'd get round to transferring it, so I thought - for what worked out at £2.50 a disc - what the hell.

I was a bit suspicious of volume 3 of the set because it featured fairly unusual Stranglers tracks which, if taken off TV appearances, I certainly wanted to see. I even checked with the bloke - but alas I was right. Most of this disc turns out to be promo videos, including the Stranglers'. Oh well, it didn't cost much and there's a fair amount of material I've not seen, including 'Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore' by the Buzzcocks, the suitably silly video to the preposterous 'Hersham Boys' by Sham 69 and the Ramones doing 'I Don't Wanna Grow Up' on Top of the Pops (the only 'off the telly' item of the lot).

But the highlight has been the Ramones' cover of the old Spiderman theme, together with a matching cartoony video. I've always loved that theme (and indeed the series) but had no idea this version existed. So here it is.

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