Friday, 16 April 2010

Found Friday

Well, this was an amusing (and vaguely embarrassing) find. Having a rummage I unearthed a 'Scribbling Diary' from 1980 - and look, I scribbled in it. Friday the 13th of June right in the middle of my O levels, less than a month after my 16th birthday (Christ, I'm old). I obviously decided it was time to take out some adolescent spleen on my teachers at the time. I'm not going to name them - in fact I can't remember the names of some of them (all from the Alun School in Mold, of course). Click on the pic to make it bigger if you think you might recognise any.
Ah, innocent days. Did a quick Googlythang and discovered this was the same month Love Will Tear Us Apart was in the top 20. And Echo Beach. And Twopintsoflagerandapacketofcrispsplease by Splodgenessabounds!

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