Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Weird Wednesday

I'll probably get booted off Blogspot for this one: The Sacrifice by another of my favourite artists, Felicien Rops. It's a soft-ground etching (?) dating from around 1900. Rops was a Flemish artist, celebrated among other artists but rarely exhibited, for obvious reasons. He was producing erotic or Satanic, or both, works of art from the 1880s and was hugely influential on the likes of Munch, Rodin and Ensor (I'll have to post some Ensor soon), as well as very many fantasy artists since.

He was greatly admired by the French Decadents and the Symbolists and there is evidence to suggest he may have been a genuine Black Magician, rather than just a poseur. Certainly, much of his work is inarguably blasphemous (phalluses worshipped on crucifixes and the like).

Rops once stated: "I cherish my obscurity. I don't know if I will produce something which pleases me; as for pleasing others, I give no more of a damn for that than for my last year's gloves."

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